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tv   [untitled]    April 14, 2011 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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speak to compiling the solutions >> thank you. evet. i want to thank the entire panel. of course margaret, we want to see those lights on. my specific question is to the new superintendent, i am a representative of the new high school going to bay view, bay view school of social justice. my specific concern is the attendance on back page from the main topic. there's no professional development and it's not monitored by the district.
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now connect as a capacity of 4 hundred student s and only attendance of 202. thank you. >> you know, one of the problems with that system, i mentioned that people want to have access to go anywhere they k. they bus themselves out. that's really what happened here. when we review this type of system. we're breaking up neighborhoods without the intention of wanting to do that. the intention was good. we wanted to give everybody access to any school. but we now. it's time. years later to revisit that, wait a minute, what are we doing with this system?
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we are open to that discussion. as you will see in our new strategic plan. our plan is based upon one thing facing america. recently, a couple of years ago we celebrated brown versus the board of education. today our schools are more segregated. i think this is the greatest civil rights. the achievement gap. you can't have systems that are separate but equal. you can't have systems that allow african american students
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and latino students out performed by special education students. our plan is called "beyond the talk". what are we going to do specifically to make sure the schools that the woman mentioned and malcomx are as good as any other school. any school in san francisco has to be good enough that we would want to go there. if it's not, it's unacceptable. >> that's a great way to segway to solutions. >> we are here for solutions. it's true. we do have to talk. we have to do it in a way that's respectful and a way to
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bring people together rather than push people apart. if we expect our young people to exercise social emotional learning. we have to do it as adults. i want everyone to think about a solution that you may have to offer and if you have it on the top of your head. share it with you. i am thinking about the teen court. i have 95 attorneys. i can't speak for her has over 100 attorneys. maybe we could provide teen court. i could certainly ask my staff to participate. we can bring people to haul of
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justice. these are solutions. in anyway has anything. you are all rich with resources. doesn't matter how old you are. coming to a class. we can start a speaker's panel. they have this where you can come forward and share your experience. really quickly, if we have any solutions here that folks want to offer. >> yes. the public library is interested in helps students achieve and we have wonderful resources that we would love to
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share with students and we're finding more and more. i think because of no child left behind, because of standardized testing, less teachers are bringing students to the library and we're not able to get into the classroom. we would really like to. there's a solution. all right. solution. >> and all of the kids we get ask about jobs, but we realize that a lot of them are lacking in science, math and technology skills how do we get these kids resources soy they will be able to function in a normal environment? >> what is the solution? >> we /tpwhaoed to get people
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to have these underperforming schools more assistance. >> how do we do that? >> margaret mentioned these community school things where i know i third of our kids, they don't speak english. so there's that disconnect, like we're trying to get ahold of the parent. we need to have a place for parents to go to get training. parenting skills. we are finding it's a systematic thing. if i kid is in the gang, maybe someone in the family is in the gang. >> can someone enter that challenge? giving that kind of support. we are focussing on solutions. >> i am a school bus driver.
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in answer to his question, the superintendent is wearing a prop a. as i understand it. prop a is meant to funnel more money to the under served schools where the teachers teach outside those. step one, vote for prop a. all right. we have eddy. >> my name is eddy zing, one of the solutions i wanted to process is a speaking circuit. we would go to the schools and start giving presentations
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dealing with the juvenile system and responsibility and having to understand the rights. >> on the may 30th. we are going to participate in that. i want to provide those type of the speaking circuits with utilizing excons and people in the streets.
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but from the latinos. we do a city-wide out reach. we go to the different schools to reach out to the wellness centers and check in with sro's, i would really love to make that happen. we are offering our services to the schools, >> edy zing is a shining example. he was down for 2 decades. let's join with eddy on that. rebecca. >> would it be possible will to have coordinate with muni where the bus stops are. the bus is going to be there within 10 minutes of the final school bell so they don't have to wait 20, 30 minutes for a bus. and kids have to transfer.
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it takes 45 minutes to an hour to get home. if it would be coordinated between the school district and muni that buses arrive and coordinate transfer stops. that would help kids on muni and maybe have a person on the bus stop. >> we have time, sorry just one more. >> okay. all right. peer pressure. >> my name is rudy corpus. give a big shout out. i think one good solution is to focus more on elementary school kids. educate them in a way they can
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comprehend. if they can recite a whole e-40. you know a first grader came to school with a gun. focus on the elementary school kids. that's a solution. thank you. and rudy corp >> i have 15 job openings for kids in foster homes. we currently serve 120 kids. we have the seneca center where
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we are building a family resource center so the parents who go to san francisco unified school district can come get food, clothing and all of those. please, i have information on the back. take some, hand it out. call me. >> okay. now we're going to have to break for lunch. we do have lunch that we provided right outside. we have delicious sandwiches. this is an opportunity for us to talk. once again. please fill out your form. if you have ideas. these will be incorporated by larry roberts. we are going to come back. we have youth performances.
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be back here. we are going to celebrate john osaki. >> thank you so this is the second part. i hope you're ready. we have a performance lined up today from the students from back va ck. they are going to go 3 songs for you. we have performance, nunu, t-mack, sticky and smt. give them a round of applause. >> okay.
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>> hey. check him out. >> i tray to break away. >> people always see what that want to see, i see you. but they don't know how hard it is to be me. >> to be me. i only got so much to give. caught in this lonely live i live. but it ain't going to get me down. cause it's my business don't make it true of you don't want to bring me round. >> from this space that i
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portray. >> i can only take it one step day-by-day. people only see what they want to see. >> yeah. i see you. >> they don't know how hard it is to be me. >> i keep on putting the clothes from my kicks. i keep on, i really don't care. that's not going to make me mean. i have some dreams, i need to achieve. >> i don't believe. >> i will be down on my knees. >> i only take it day-by-day. >> people always see what they want to see.
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but they don't know how hard it is to be me. >> check it out. >> on my game. >> every day. >> i will be swinging. >> that's all i'm saying. >> celebrate the way from this space that i portray. >> space that i portray >> take it day-by-day. >> people only see what they want to see. >> they don't know how hard it is to be me.
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>> trouble is what we face. everyday. >> we got to face it. >> go. go. >> my family, >> it's tough but we really can't hear. mic check let's go. >>[inaudible]. >> dripping like water.
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>> keep going. >> my hood. >> my hood. where it's good. >> is it good in the hood? >> till we die. >> trouble is what we face every day. >> what i really lack is the fresh new jeans. i got my black hoodies and what i got is my fresh new j's. >>[inaudible]. >> because i know people.
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fib means. >> new tees. fresh back. it's sunny outside so you know i'm back. >> get the cash man. got intelligent. all the other nonsense is irrelevant. >>[inaudible]. >> yeah. and my private jet, i am going to get the master's and
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doctorate. i am going to keep my pockets full. get back to the church. nowadays, i am going to go smart. even if i'm the only one. 25 to live to be busted for what. i am going to go to college and keep me business. to be a lawyer from the gold state and not a warrior. >> go smart, got intelligent. get dollars. all the other nonsense is
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irrelevant. >> that's m-t. shaky. they did their thing. yes. >> got to get this mic fixed. we are going to have jeff come up and present an award. >> all right. that's a hard act to follow. let me tell you. we have to go smart. every year we honor one of our own who is distinguished himself or herself as a hero for our youth. a warrior for our youth.
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in san francisco, that's a high calling. so many of you do this workday in and day out. it's difficult to choose one individual. but we have. and the person that we are honoring today is john osaki. now you know, when you meet john, you might think he is privileged. the japanese youth counsel was a grass roots organization in japan town created by jeff mory. john was actually a participant
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in the program. he came up and i got his first summer job? gcyc. he has worked in early childhood development. substance abuse prevention. they have expanded the range to include college access. substance abuse. youth employment and youth leadership. just to give you a sense of how many people are served there are over 8 thousand children from all /*eugt ethnic backgrounds. they help over 3 thousand youth to be the first to go to college. they put over 2 thousand youth a year to work through employment programs. we have to increase that to 20
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thousand. his program as in many ways, revolutionized the way youth are employed in san francisco. the organization is often called upon by leaders and city government to implement now programs. they are established by
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governor mayor gavin newsom. but beyond all that john has accomplished, we honor him for isunselfish giving. many who are mom and pop organizations. a lot of time we find that community based organizations don't collaborate or coordinate. john has always opened up his doors. particularly those from immigrant communities. he has been a partner. he has been an individual who have reached out beyond his agency to work with other
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agencies who share the common purpose of searching our youth. and i know john is here with his family. his father. mr. osaki and his daughter, san and wife, julie, let's give it up to john osaki. [applause]. >> before i say anything. can we real quick give it up for john adachi. you know. i really want to think jeff for
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his leadership. his willingness. you have extended your office and given us this opportunity to create positive change in your schools, in our streets and i really want to thank you for that. i want to just make a couple quick announcements. to my colleagues. i am show proud what we have accomplished. we have given a voice to many who have suffered in silence. i want to acknowledge 2 individuals who have carried out our mission. you met angela chan from the asian law office. can you give it up for them.
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i also want to say to be members of the safety america partnership. our efforts have been over lookd and unappreciated, but i know what tremendous contributions we have made to the quality of life in our neighborhoods. i am looking forward to continuing that in the future. it feels acward to be up here. i know there are so many of you that contribute to increases safety to our schools and on our streets. last week, i had to ask jeff, out of all the folks you could have chosen, why did you select me? he said in a larger part it was


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